BD Veo Insulin Syringe U-100, 31g, 1cc, 6mm - 100ct

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The BD Veo offers the shortest needle of the BD Ultra-Fine line. This needle is 53% shorter than the 12.7mm needle. This length is supported by the recommendations published in the May Clinic Proceedings that advocate using shortest needle first line for all categories. This syringe is preferred by most patients over the their current length. The BD Vieo provides approximately 8x-lower risk of intramuscular injection compared to a 12.7mm needle. Plus this syringe may reduce the risk of hypoglycemia. Longer needle lengths may lead to frequent IM vs subcutaneous tissue injections which may cause unexplained hypoglycemia. BD Veo Insulin Syringe Features: 53% shorter than the 12.7mm needle. Provides 8x-lower risk of intramuscular injection. Size: 6mm x 31G. Capacity: 1cc. MPN: 324912. Contains 100 BD Veo U-100 Insulin Syringe 31g, 1cc, 6mm.

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