Disetronic AccuChek Ultraflex I Infusion Set, 10mm, 24" Tubing - 10ct

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Accu-Check Ultraflex infusion set also feature PVC free, double-layer tubing with an inner layer of polyethylene and an outer layer of polyurethane and a silicone-coated tapered cannula with a short introducer needle for smooth, comfortable insertion. Accu-Chek Ultraflex sets may be purchased in complete sets or in sets with extra cannula bases (Ultraflex II). Accu-Check Ultraflex infusion sets are designed to work with all standard luer lock insulin pumps, including Medtronic Minimed 504-508 pumps, Animas pumps and Smiths-Deltec pumps. Accu-Check Ultraflex is NOT compatible with Medtronic Minimed Paradigm series pumps. ACCU-CHEK® Ultraflex Infusion Set 90° insertion angle Soft Teflon cannula 27-gauge insertion needle 25-gauge cannula At-site connector 10mm cannulas 24" tubing Hypoallergenic. skin-friendly self-adhesive MPN: 4626613001 A box of Accu-Chek Ultraflex I infusion sets contain: 10 Complete Sets Disetronic Accu-Chek Ultraflex I Infusion Set Box of 10 PS4626583001 Mini 24" (60 cm) tubing with 8 mm cannula PS4626613001 Original 24" (60 cm) tubing with 10 mm cannula PS4626621001   Original 31" (80 cm) tubing with 10 mm cannula PS4626605001  Mini 43" (110cm) tubing with 8 mm cannula PS4626648001    Original 43" (110cm) tubing with 10 mm cannula Product Specifications: Introducer Needle 27 Gauge Stainless Steel Cannula 25 Gauge Soft Teflon Cannula specially tapered for easy insertion Cannula Lengths 8mm, 10mm Tubing Inside: Polyethylene Outside: Polyurenthane Tubing Length 60cm (24"), 80cm (31"), 110cm (43") Luer Lock Standard Cannula-Filling Volume Introducer needle displacement, approx 1 unit (U-100 insulin) Priming Volume Per Set (U-100 Insulin) 60cm / 24" approx. 11 units 80cm / 31" approx. 14 units 110cm / 43" approx. 18 units

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