Ferndale Mastisol Medical Adhesive - 15ml Bottle, Unit Dose

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Ferndale Mastisol Liquid Adhesive - 15ml Bottle, Unit Dose is designed to reduce the likelihood of dressing or device migration or accidental removal. Masitol Liquid Adhesive minimizes the risk of infection by creating a last occlusive dressing barrier. Unlike tincture of benzoin, Mastisol liquid medical adhesive goes on clear, is non-staining and has a lower risk of adverse reactions (contact dermatitis). Its non-water solubility means it will keep your dressing secure even in the moistest environments.

  • CHG Compatihble.
  • Clear, Non-Staining.
  • Non-Water Soluble Skin barrier.
  • Mild Scent.
  • Contains 1 Ferndale Masisol Liquid Adhesive 15ml bottle.

Assures Adherence: Masitol ensures the adhesive performance of a variety of occlusive dressing and devices, even in mois areas. Mastisol is non-water soluble and compatible with CHG.
Protects Against Risk of Infection: Mastisol reinforces the dressing barrier and/or prevents catheter movement to minimize the risk of infection.
Improves Efficiency: Reduce nursing intervention of having to replace dressing and devices that don't stay on. Mastisol provides long lasting adhesive power.
Reduces Costs: Save costs by reducing mulitple dressing displacements or device dislogements. Mastisol shows superior adhesion when compaired to benzoin.

Ingredients: Gum Mastic, Styrax, Alcohol (SDA-23), and Methyl Salicylate.

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