OPSITE Post-Op Bacteria-Proof Dressing, 4" x 4.75" - 20ct

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The OPSITE Post-Op Dressing was designed to allow constant monitoring of the wound without the need to disrupt the healing process through unnecessary dressing changes. This dressing provides a barrier against backteria including MERSA and manages exudate through a highly absorbent pad and breathable film. This dressing is easly to apply and reduces pain upon removal.

OPSITE Post-Op Dressing Benefits

Vital Protection Against Serious Consequences: Provides an impermeable barrier against bacteria, including MRSA. Patients stated OPSITE Post-Op was very comfortable and gave them confidence that they were protected from MRSA

Effective Incision Site Management: Helps provide an optimal balance between excess wound exudate and the amount of fluid required for moist wound healing.

Continual Monitoring: This unique honeycomb design allows for continual monitoring of the incision site without the need to disrupt the healing process.

OPSITE Post-Op Dressing Features:

  • Provides a barrier against bacteria, including MERSA.
  • Allows constant monitoring on the wound and peri-wound area.
  • Manages exudate through a highly absorbent pad and breathable film.
  • Easy to apply and remove aseptically.
  • Reduces the risk of maceration.
  • Reduces the risk of blistering.
  • Reduces pain on removal.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Waterproof.
  • Conformable.

  • Size: 4" x 6".
  • MPN: 66800137.
  • Contains 20 Post-Op Bacteria-Proof Dressing, 4" x 6".



  • Step 1: Remove the dressing from the outer packaging and peel away the white/orange backing papers marked "1".
  • Step 2: Holding the non-adhesive tabs at the end of the dressing, carefully position the dressing over the designated area.
  • Step 3: Smoothe the dressing into place, applying light pressure around the edges.
  • Step 4: Using the small tab, begin to gently peel of the top carrier marked "2". Smooth the dressing down and ensure your patient is comfortable with the dressing.


  • Step 1: Lift one corner.
  • Step 2: Pull towards you - away from the pad.
  • Step 3: Release.
  • Step 4: Repeat along the edges of the dressing.

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